10 Australian Hostels That Will Change Your Idea Of Hostels

Rooftop pools, tepee tents and converted prisons.

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With over 70 hostels ‘round the country, from Adelaide to Alice Springs, Bunbury to Byron Bay and all that’s in between, they’ve got a room for you, wherever you want to go!

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Hostels can divide budget travellers. For some, they’re a cheap necessity – a place to dump their bags and escape from as quickly as possible, returning only to sleep. For others, hostels are an integral part of the travel experience – a place to meet like-minded adventurers and find someone to share the next meal or beer with. A good hostel will have a decent kitchen, secure lockers, clean bathrooms and comfy beds but the great ones are rare. Truly great hostels have that extra-special something that turns them into a destination, not just a dorm room. Whether it’s a quirky shark-mouth elevator or a view of Sydney’s fireworks that you normally have to pay thousands for, these Australian hostels can make anyone fall in love with the bunk bed and common-room way of travel.

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