20 Photos Of Absolutely Stunning Places Way Off The Tourist Trail
Have you ever stood in a crowded tourist attraction waiting for the crowds to clear? Actually, that’s not even a question, we’ve all been at the Acropolis/Eiffel Tower/Pyramids of Giza and given up on getting that iconic shot because of the tourist hordes.
The good news is that it’s still possible to get incredible travel shots at these places, you just need to find another angle. “Apply your own take on the subject,” says Canon Master Richard I’Anson, who says light is a prime consideration for all photography. “Really great light exists twice a day (early morning and late in the day) but good light simply means that it’s the best available for your subject.” I’Anson also suggests taking the time to find your own angle. “Quite often there’s a classic shot – the one everybody wants – and it’s a great creative challenge to try and shoot it differently.” To inspire your travel shots the Canon Collective and Canon Community members have shared with AWOL a bunch of incredible photos showing the most fascinating spots they’ve explored in some of the best far-flung places. (You could also win a free trip to one of these extraordinary places with Canon – find out how here.)